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Sunday, March 12th, 2017

Your Mouth Speaks, but What Does your Smile Say?

There are plenty of people with beautiful smiles but if you were in business or working out at the local gym, what first impression would a prospective employee, business partner or gym buddy have if your teeth were broken, crooked, missing or stained, versus Clean, natural looking and bright! We are surrounded by magazine ads,

Saturday, March 11th, 2017

Alzheimers Awareness

Each year, 25,000 Canadians hear the words, ‘you have dementia.’ But dementia is more than just numbers. Friends, families and members of our communities all experience the personal and social impact of dementia. For our health-care system...

Saturday, March 11th, 2017

For The Rest of My Life

Click here to read Part 1 of this series. Cardio-Vascular Health: a series about Heart Health and Cardiac Rehabilitation Part II – For the Rest of My Life By David T. Jones MBA – Editor, Healthy Living...

Saturday, March 11th, 2017

Maximize Your Golden Years

By: Dr. George I. Traitses D.C Are you approaching the so-called “Golden Years”: the time of life after retirement from active work? Free from the constraints of a job / boss / workplace, you can at last...

Saturday, March 11th, 2017

Substance Abuse And Your Teen:

WHAT TO KNOW AND WHAT YOU CAN DO By Tara Heath When we think of substance abuse and our children, most people imagine teens experimenting with alcohol or marijuana. While those are valid concerns, it may be...

Thursday, March 24th, 2016

Medication Mistakes and Mishaps: Is it time to talk to your parents about drugs?

Plenty of information advises teenagers about the dangers of drug misuse. But with so many people living longer these days, there is a growing need to broach the same topic with seniors. A new program, Let’s Talk...

Thursday, March 24th, 2016

Climate Change: Let’s Stand Up For A Healthy Planet!

Imagine your child or grandchild living in a world where food and water shortages are the rule; where regions from every continent are uninhabitable because of rising temperatures; where mass migration creates conflict and chaos; where coastal...

Thursday, March 24th, 2016

Healthy Habits for a Healthier You

Stephanie Grech Orr, a student at the University of Malta, is studying for a B.A. in Communication Studies and Psychology. One of her passions is helping people to achieve a healthier lifestyle by developing healthy habits and...

Thursday, March 24th, 2016

Asthma: Yes, You Can Take Control! The Easy Test To Help You Manage Your Asthma

For those staffing Ontario’s toll-free Lung Health Information Line, many questions are all in a day’s work. Some callers want to know about a cough, air pollution, allergies, quitting smoking, the flu shot, radon and other lung...

Thursday, March 24th, 2016

Third in a Series: Simple Home Remedies You Can Grow – Basil

Basil is not only one of the tastiest herbs to use in the kitchen, but also one of the healthiest. Part of the mint family (Lamiaceae), basil likely originated in India, but today it is most commonly ...

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